Wonderful Wild Plants and How To Use Them

Medicinal Wild Plants

Every now and then a plant will grow where it can be found.  So it is with Mallow.  It likes disturbed soil, especially around the edge of a garden, or most definitely in a lawn.  But don't despair if you find it, for it is one of the most useful plants that you can have in your garden, or anywhere on your property!  No matter what ails you, whether it is internal or external, mallow will cure it!  Mallow tea will cure stomach ailments, bowel ailments, head aches, and many other problems.  If used as a poultice it will heal cuts and abrasions, it will sooth and heal burns and bruises. (the accompanying photo is from the author's collection)

Strawberry plants offer some interesting medicine.  If you over eat when the strawberries first ripen, you will find yourself in some distress getting to the bathroom in time...the old timers called it "the quick step" - yes, loose bowels!!  However, the cure can be found within the same plant.  A tea made of Strawberry leaves will tighten up those bowels and get you back to normal in short order!

(the accompanying photo from: www.dacres.org/images/flowers)


 It isn't just people who need medical help once in a while -pets, too, need a helping hand every now and then.  Yarrow tea applied to your pet's coat and skin will repel black flies, mosquitoes and has a mild effect on fleas. (the accompanying photo from: www.gardengates.info/yarrow.jpg)


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