Wonderful Wild Plants and How To Use Them

Birds, Bugs, Bees and Butterflies - invite them into your garden!

This book is a companion book to Companion Planting, it will help you become an organic gardener......

Mother Nature has it all worked out.  We don't need to do anything about bad bugs eating our garden.  When we try, we just "muck everything up" - look what the use of pesticides has done not only to our bugs and birds but to the environment as a whole!

Keep your plants healthy and bugs won't want to eat them!  To do this, make sure you have a good watering schedule.  Also make sure you put lots of compost into the soil before you plant.  An old carpet with a jute backing laid between the rows helps keep down weeds, and what's better than being able to roll up your weed controller and save it in the potting shed until next year!!

Birds love bugs to eat!  Most birds will eat their own weight in bugs in the spring when they are looking after hatchlings.  They have to keep up their strength, as well as find food for the growing babies!  Most bugs hatch or come out of hibernation just about this time, so if you invite a good bird population into your garden, then you shouldn't have to worry about bugs!

When you see a spider, what do you do? Stomp on it?  A lot of people do!  But don't be so hasty!  Spiders love bugs!  They catch them, wrap them up in silk and save them for a rainy day.  I know, a big spider web across your front door isn't very attractive, so give your spiders a nice place to make a web.  Keep an area just for that purpose with an old basketball hoop, or something similar that they can spin a web across - an old crate or wooden box or picture frame.  If once you've taken down their web across the front door they don't go looking for a new spot (Yikes, they build a new web on the door within the hour!) catch them in a bottle and take them to the end of the garden and show them all the neat stuff there for web building.  Spiders a smart - they will catch on!

To find out which birds to invite and what bugs they will eat, or to find out which bugs to invite because of the bad bugs they will eat - (as the old ad used to say....)Buy the Book!!!  To order it click here. To e-mail Sher, click here.

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