Wonderful Wild Plants and How To Use Them


Author, storyteller, genealogical researcher, skills revivalist ... and now.... ecologist

I have been interested in wild plants for more years than I can remember... ever since my kids were little.  I started out learning about edible plants, learning how to identify them, when to pick them, and how to use them in our daily diet.  Then, years later, I decided I'd better learn about their medicinal qualities, and started gathering plants and drying them for family use in the coming winter months.  In 2009 I decided I'd delve into my other long-time interest of dyeing, especially with wild plants (just like the pioneers did!), and so I immersed myself for 8 months in the processes, learning all about dye stuffs, mordants, after baths, and all the other things that go along with the dyeing process.  Whew! 

I N T E R E S T I N G can not fully describe the experience for me.

While I was learning and practicing and speaking on the various aspects of wild plants, I was also doing many other things....

I write history books, mostly local history from the county where I live in Ontario, Canada, but I've also written about province-wide people and events, as well as about national and international subjects.  Of these, you will find in the list, histories of each of the six townships in the Old Durham County;  a trilogy about the Bible Christians in North America; the three Wild Plant books (they each have a link in the bar at the top of the page).  For a link to a full list of my work, please click here.

Now, my most recent books have been added to the list, still about plants,  but this time about COMPANION PLANTING in your garden - and controlling bug populations with birds and other bugs - ecologically sound organic gardening!  See the list of books here.


In between writing books, I make blankets, tartan rugs, lace and fine crochetted appliques, but that's for another website. 

I am available  to speak at your meeting - horticultural groups, historical societies, other heritage groups within 25-30 miles of my home.  Please e-mail me for details at Contact Me.