Wonderful Wild Plants and How To Use Them

Mother Nature's Bounty


 Welcome to my Wild Plants pages.  I hope you enjoy them.


Mother Nature has supplied us with a lot of great plants that do more than grow and look pretty!  All around us is a large grocery store, a pharmacy, and a great big dye pot, just waiting for us to visit and use what is there ... FREE!

My name is Sher Leetooze, and I hope you will visit that part of my site where I tell you all about myself, and my work with Wild Plants.

 Right now, I want to jump right into my subject...


 A lot has been said lately about decreasing our footprint on this earth.  Aboriginal people have been advocating this since the dawn of time, however no one wanted to listen - until now.  Some politicians even go so far as to say it was their idea to decrease the mark we are making on the earth.  And, it is now fashionable to be ECO MINDED.

Welcome to the newly fashionable world!!

 ECO MINDED is just one reason - a very good one, but just one of many... Let me tell you about some others........

#2 - Ever since the earth had people, we have used plants to

cure our ills.  No matter what ails us, there is a plant that will help cure us.  Few documents from times gone by survive to tell us how to do this, however, enough have been found and preserved to give us a very good start.  From these old documents we can learn how to care for ourselves and to tell others what we know.  Each nationality around the globe has "folk cures", each using the plants of that area where they lived.  FOLK CURES are indeed useful even today.  Don't let the big pharmaceutical companies tell you otherwise.

#3 - Wild plants contain more vitamins and minerals than to domesticated plants, therefore, more flavour.  What you like about a domestic apple you will LOVE in a wild apple - twice the "bang for your buck!"

#4 - Tired of that old white blouse or shirt?  Love the cut of it, but it just doesn't "cut it" anymore?  Dye it!  Give it new life!  Wild plants give such an array of colours when used as dye material, it will boggle your mind - AND it's easy to do.

#5 - ALL of the above are FREE!  Yes, FREE! 

 I am not a chemist.  I can't tell you what chemicals each plant contains, but I can tell you what it does for you when used as a medicine.  I can tell you how to use wild plants in cooking, and I can guide you through the process of dyeing fibre using wild plants (and plants from the garden, but that's another subject)

Here are some books I've written on the subjects of wild plant use....


Edible Wild Plants tells you about 50 wild plants and how to use them in a variety of ways Click the photo of the book to go to its own page, or click the link at the top of this page.








Medicinal Wild Plants tells you about 29 different plants and how to use them on 109 different pages.
To go to this book's page, please click the link at the top of the page or click on the book.




Dyeing With Wild Plants tells you how to use over 50 wild plants for an array of rainbow colours.  Go to this book's own page by clicking on the photo or click the link at the top of this page.







For information about other work by this author, click here

 Sher and a team of eager gardeners have recently acquired town land at Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada for garden allotments.  To see what its all about click here.